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Where is Games That Make the Oculus Quest 2 Worth

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Oculus Quest 2 has finally given us what we want from a virtual reality headset: simplicity in its standalone operation, its $ 300 starting price, and a selection of decent games that are truly worth buying a headset. If you are already planning yourself to buy Oculus Quest 2, then these are the games that we think are worth your time the most.

1. Jurassic World Aftermath
The Jurassic Park / World franchise has been a classic film based on Michael Crickton’s book since it debuted in 1993, but to some extent it is worth watching for fans of virtual reality stealth game films. It is a slow and sometimes frustrating game, but it also has too many points to count in its favor.

Set between two Jurassic World films to date, and featuring an impressive voice cast that also includes Jeff Goldblum, the goal is to win a game of hiding tension against the Velosraptors that can be alerted by Tiny Sound. It is simple yet effective, and comes with beautifully drawn visuals that put you right in the experience.

2. Beat the Saber
Beat Saber has been around for some time now, but remains one of the better titles to show how VR can create a different but still very engaging gaming experience. Your challenge is to cut through the neon blocks that are hurting towards you, much like using lights, all sticking to the beat of the rhythm.

There are hundreds of levels for you to work on, and despite the simple mechanic rather than diminishing gameplay, the beat saber is never boring. The game was launched with an original soundtrack, but now has a host of music add-on packs that you can buy and import to make sure you’re playing with the beats you really like. Huh.

3. climb
For those who like their VR game a bit more about the overall experience than the actual gameplay, The Climb takes you to many amazing locations and some dizzy heights (this game is not for those who love the Alps. , Covering the South-East) Asia and the American Southwest in beautifully presented settings.

You play the role of a solo climber looking for the best ways to navigate the rock faces and caves you encounter, and you can go at your own pace and take in gorgeous surroundings. Climb 2 is still “coming soon” at the time of the new and improved writing, so you’ve got time to finish the first game.

4. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
A lot of people are earning from this VR entry into the seemingly endless Walking Dead franchise, and it’s easy to see why – how long your stomach and your veins can undo such an immortal journey. This can be brutal at times, as you expect, so make sure you are prepared to put your senses through it before purchasing.

New Orleans has been taken over by the walkers, and your objective is to survive and build a military bunker for comparative safety. Just about every area in the game is affected, the effectiveness of melee combat methods to enrich the visual and detail. You can really believe that you are fighting zombies one by one.

5. Topgolf with Pro Put
The game is not easy to replicate in VR, but Golf lends itself well enough to the format, and Topgolf with the Pro Put is proof of that. It is not the most realistic golf experience, and it focuses on putting on a large scale, but it is a lot of fun to play through, partly thanks to the multiplayer aspect of the title, meaning you can easily play with friends Can leave on the course.

The visuals are cartoonists, but work, while the control system hits the mellow spot between realism and reach. A lot of work has been done in the social aspect of the game, especially the VR lounge section, and because minimal movement is involved during gameplay, it is suitable for those who may also experience VR motion sickness.

6. Superhot
Without doubt, one of the biggest VR gaming hits ever made, Superhot can be difficult to explain to those who didn’t play it. The basic premise is this: As long as you are not moving or shooting, time slows down. This may not all seem appealing at first, but it is actually a very engaging game mechanic that can give rise to some mesmerizing action sequences.

The game also cleverly takes advantage of both VR’s possibilities and limitations, as you can stand in one place, while waves of enemies pressurize you. It’s up to you to choose the best mode of defense and attack, and you can feel like fast Nio, John Wick, or any other character played by Keanu Reeves as you battle in slow motion.

7. Robo Recall
Sometimes you just want some robot-based mayhem from your gaming, and Robo Recall makes full use of it. It is a first-person shooter with attitude, which brings the rogue robots under control, and while it is one of the older titles on the store, it still has enough on the way.

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