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The YouTube TV Is Adding 4K Streaming and Offline Viewing

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YouTube TV has announced several premium features in the service.

When it comes to finding the best over-the-top live TV service for cord-cutters, subscription costs are possibly the top for most consumers. But the features are equally important. A sports fan may prefer unlimited DVR space, while a family of four may prefer multi-device viewing. YouTube TV is expanding its features offerings with a newly announced “add-on option” to stream shows in 4K or save them for offline viewing.

Currently, YouTube TV’s Aadhaar scheme supports six individual user accounts and a maximum of three streams. But YouTube says that the same 4K add-on will also support “unlimited concurrent streams at home”, which can be an attractive feature, for example, in families with large families or multiple people that cost the plan Divide it.

This is all very exciting, but YouTube is not yet sharing the cost of the package. When reached by Gizmodo for comment, a spokesperson would only say that the allowances would be included in “an optional add-on for members”. (Hulu, for example, charges $ 10 per month on top of its monthly subscription cost to support unlimited streams.) The timing is also unclear, and YouTube has more to share when reaching out for comment. Nothing is there.

Features are certainly a welcome addition to the already great cable option, but pricing will be important. YouTube TV’s Aadhaar package sends any premium content through add-ons like Starz or Showtime – already priced at $ 65 per month. This is the cost of Hulu with live TV, but if you go wild with extra entertainment packages and premium features then both start to be very expensive.

Still, the 4K streaming push seems promising. And especially now that we have worked indoors, the best stream possible is to spend a few extra bucks for a month.

Hulu with Live TV, the very best live TV option that bundles live and linear programming with Hulu’s on-demand library, is yet another price increase. According to an information that appears on Hulu’s Price Guide Support page, the company will increase base costs for both its ad-supported and ad-free live TV packages next month. Starting December 18, the ad-free version of the service will increase from $ 61 per month to $ 71 per month, and its ad-supported tier will increase from $ 55 to $ 65 per month – or the same cost of a recently increased YouTube TV subscription . great.

A spokesperson for Hulu confirmed the company by email today informing customers of the change.

Now, like YouTube TV, Hulu’s live and linear tiers allow customization and premium add-ons for things like HBO Max and Showtime, both priced at $ 15 and $ 11 per month, respectively. Want additional networks or unlimited screens? This will be $ 5- $ 10 more per month for each facility. In other words, if Hulu is the primary cable option and primary hub for your home entertainment, that live TV package — now with a $ 10-per-month price increase — can get expensive fast.

The real bummer here is that all the best options for live and linear streaming are now about the same price. If a hike, you can expect a lot to follow suit. YouTube TV returned its monthly subscription cost to $ 65 in June, while Fubo TV’s family plans have also jumped to $ 65 per month after promo pricing.

Keep in mind that there are definitely some more affordable options for live TV cordcutting if you want to compromise some features to choose FX content (Hulu), unlimited DVR (YouTube), or an exceptionally large number of sports networks. Okay with From (Fubo TV). If you don’t mind paying for some live TV while adding more premium visuals than any other service like Netflix or HBO Max, Sling TV is a good option. Currently this system is in my own house and it is very good. But the number of live channels I own is quite small, and if you’re an HRDO campaigner, Sling is not a one-for-one replacement.

Finally, we have completely passed the point where cordcutting is an “always cheaper” option for good old fashioned cable. Cordcutting still allows you to get around hunter fees and some of the hidden contract agreements that make the old guard cable veterans inadequate. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to swing any significant savings – especially to those of us who subscribe to a set of services for our various entertainment needs.

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