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The Making Graphics Cards Just for Cryptocurrency Miners

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Trying to get ahead of cryptocurrency miners, who could snatch a good chunk of RTX 3060 stock on GPU sales next week, Nvidia announced this morning that it is now a dedicated card for professional mining.

The cryptocurrency mining processor, or CMP HX, will not have graphics capabilities. Display outputs have been removed, which Nvidia says increases airflow so that cards are more densely packed. CMP cards will also have low peak core voltage and frequency, which makes mining more efficient.

There are four different CMP HX specifications, 30MX, 40HX, 50HX, and 90HX: Ethereum hash rates start from 26MH / s to 86MH / s. The 30HX and 40HX will be available sometime until the end of March and the 50HX and 90HX by June, from authorized partners such as Asus, Color, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, Palit and PC Partners.

At the same time, Nvidia reduced the hash rate of its upcoming RTX 3060 graphics card to 50%, which would make that card less attractive to miners. Effectively cutting the hash rate in half reduces the mining efficiency of those cards by half. The RTX 3060 drivers are designed to detect specific features in the Ethereum cryptocurrency mining algorithm, Nvidia says, so even if a crypto miner tried to use the RTX 3060 card, it would disappoint. There will be a practice.

Nvidia said in a statement announcing the new card, “With the launch of the GeForce RTX 3060 on February 25, we are taking an important step to help end the GeForce GPUs in the hands of gamers.”

But this is a small solution to a much larger problem: the lack of a chip affects all Nvidia RTX 30-series stocks, making the card impossible unless you want to pay twice the price than a scalar . Nvidia is also reducing production on some older GPUs, such as the GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060, to mitigate the shortage.

The GTX 1050 Ti is particularly incompatible with Ethereum cryptocurrency mining because it does not have enough VRAM, yet it is powerful enough to play many modern games in 1080p at a decent graphics setting. It remains the second most popular graphics card for PC gamers according to Steam’s most recent hardware survey, so that it becomes a logical candidate for Nvidia to bring Silicon back from the grave. (It never technically reached the end of its life.)

However, the prices of both GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060 are currently a hundred dollars above their original retail price due to chip shortages. Pumping new stock into the consumer market should bring those prices down, but again, scalpers have wreaked havoc with junk, only to sell them back to real consumers at inflated prices.

There is also the question of whether Nvidia has enough capacity to make enough RTX 3060 and CMP HX cards to meet the demands of both gamers and cryptocurrencies. Nvidia told Gizmodo via email that since the CMP HX cards did not meet their GeForce GPU specifications, it would not affect RTX 3060 production. There will be no production overlap as they are two completely different product lineups.

Apparently some PlayStation 5 scalpers are not happy with their public image, Forbes reports. The press misbehaved and misrepresented him, he claims. I’m not sure what rock these scalars are living under, but News Flash: People hate scalpers for valid reasons. They prohibit people from purchasing hardware at a reasonable price, and scaling in other industries (such as event ticketing) is illegal, so it seems like it should apply to hardware.

Scaling the console is not illegal, however, and scalpers rationalize their profits under the banner of entrepreneurship.

A British scalar by the name of Jordan told Forbes: “Essentially every business remodels its products. Tesco, for example, buys milk from farmers for 26p or per liter and sells it at over 70p per liter. No one ever complains to the extent that they are currently doing towards themselves. ”

Basically, this guy understands what he is buying wholesale. How do we start with how exactly this idea is banana? It’s not only disgusting to compare a scraper-powered bot to snatching graphics cards or consoles, before someone else can lay their hands on them so that they can profit wildly by trading these items on eBay, It is rather vulgar.

Certainly, some scalars would argue that they operate as business entities because in some cases they employ full-time employees, but they do not produce products. They do not design them. And buying items at retail and claiming that you are a wholesaler … is ridiculous. It also, in Jordan’s case, seems to have used some pretty legal methods to do this.

Jordan claims he bought 25 PlayStation 5 units in January and gave them a piece of around $ 967 (£ 700).

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