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The Great Amazon Will Probably Have Its Own Airline

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E-commerce giant and surveillance technology purveyor Amazon already runs your walls, your doorbell and your secret union’s Facebook group, but everyone’s lips have questions: When will they be higher in the sky? The answer is, apparently, soon.

According to a report released on Tuesday by DePaul University’s Chadic Institute for Metropolitan Development, Amazon is on track to double the size of its aircraft fleet between May 2020 and June of this year. As it currently stands, Amazon Air is making an average of 140 flights per day – a number that is expected to hit a “booming boom this spring” as the company expands.

“As new airplanes are added to the fleet, we estimate that the number of flights will increase to 160+ by June 2021,” the report said. “If it reaches this milestone, Amazon Air will almost double in size in the 13 months between May 2020 and June 2021.”

Given Amazon’s pioneering and two-day delivery goals, the creation of a fleet of aircraft is an integral part of the company’s growth strategy. Particularly during the epidemic, Amazon has quickly increased investment in its delivery arm, and is finished with around 70 aircraft in its fleet by 2020 – a number that was expected to grow to over 80 by the end of 2021, The company announced in June.

Such growth could soon put Amazon in the big leagues with commerce rivals such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, which operate 463, 275 and 77 aircraft respectively, according to CNBC. That development could happen later this year, when the company plans to officially cut the ribbon on its brand new $ 1.5 billion air hub in Kentucky, which is planned as a home base for the company Designed to be used. On private competitors and the US Postal Service.

But as long as it waits to raise its level in the cargo industry, Amazon already has its eye on a big prize. Joseph Schwitterman, director of the Chadic Institute, told CNBC that the company’s recent decision to expand Amazon Air into something like an airline to cut ties with external contractors and bring its air cargo operations to the fullest May indicate ambition.

“If you’re just renting planes, you don’t set up an internal staff that has heavy maintenance and stuff like that,” said Schwartman, hinting that the move would give Amazon “a Steps closer “. An airline. ”

“I think Amazon’s highly complex supply chain is subject to risk, when you’re dependent on only a handful of contractors,” Schwettman said. “One of them breaks, or one of them cuts the placenta, and suddenly you have a crisis.” So I think that gaining expertise to run the airline will help them make strategic decisions about how much can be brought home in an orderly manner. ”

If you ever wish that your Echo device was a control panel, there’s good news: Amazon’s Lab 126126 hardware division is intentionally designing a wall-mounted Echo that can control your smart home and media, as well Can also host video chats as well.

The report comes via Bloomberg and cites anonymous sources, saying the wall-mounted Echo will be a “digital command center”. Users will be able to watch their upcoming events, control devices such as smart lights or smart locks, as well as play music and videos. And, duh, it will also have Alexa, microphones and cameras, as it is Amazon. The company is also reportedly considering versions with 10 or 13-inch displays, and because they are about to be installed in walls, Bloomberg sources say the device will be much thinner than current Echo gadgets.

Should everything float, Amazon is supposedly planning to launch by the end of this year or next, which will cost from $ 200 to $ 250.

This is a very attractive hardware trick from Amazon – although not exactly original. Chances are that you may already see iPads or other tablets mounted on walls in rooms outside the office, or even in new apartment buildings. Taking it into consumers’ homes is a natural next step, especially as more people are adopting smart home gadgets such as smart lights, thermostats, connected speakers, smart security cameras, and smart locks.

He said, we have some questions. For example, who is standing in front of the control panel to do video chat? Having cameras makes sense that if you have bought a night in the whole ring, you can see who is on the wall. But the video calls grandma? It seems that the Echo Show will be more favorable for him. Another issue is how easy it is to install, and what requirements may be necessary. Do you have to hire outside contractors? What about apartment dwellers? A major problem with the smart home is thus a concept that currently available gadgets heavily favor home owners.

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