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Queen Mary cements partnership with the Huazhong University

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Queen Mary’s President and Principal Professor Colin Bailey and HUST President Professor Yuanyuan Lee signed the Memorandum of Understanding at an official ceremony in London and Wuhan, where the occasion was also attended by Martin Wally, Deputy Consul General at the British Consulate-General . . By further affirming this worldwide partnership, Queen Mary will be able to share her world-leading experience, while reinforcing her dedication to excellence in instruction, analysis and innovation.

The goal of the partnership is to determine joint instruction and diploma programs, exchange of workers and scholars, summer time colleges and joint analysis institutes between the various ventures. Based primarily on research and analysis in the fields of medicine, engineering, economics and administration, the agreement additionally offers the potential for development in various fields and disciplines.

Queen Mary has been working with HUST since 2019 and the connection continues to grow regardless of the worldwide pandemic. As spring 2020 spread around the world, HUST’s medical faculty shared their experience in temporary hospitals with their counterparts at Queen Mary Barts and the London College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Professor Colin Grant, Vice Principal Worldwide, Queen Mary College of London, said: “We are thrilled to build on our partnership with Huazhong College of Science and Know-How. For some years we have worked hard to become a real world school , which can be easily achieved by building bridges with other major institutions around the world.

“With Hust, we are going to create unmatched choices for achieving scientific breakthroughs and tutorial excellence. This is the most recent step in our thrilling journey collectively.”

Professor Jianguo Chen, Vice President of Huazhong College of Science and Technology and Dean of Tongji Medical College, said: “The Hust-Queen Mary partnership is relatively small but strong. There have been many mutual exchanges at the senior level over the years, and both establishments A variety of packages have also been put in place in addition to the analysis to bring the HUST closer. It will continue to flourish and flourish.

Queen Mary has long been dedicated to participating internationally, from training to analysis, partnership and stakeholder work, to impacting sectors around the world. Our Strategy 2030 commits us to further develop the Queen Mary family and footprint around the world. We are going to build strategic partnerships with the easiest universities and companies abroad, further develop our world coverage relationships and grow and express our physical and digital worldwide footprint. Ultimately we intend to be perhaps the most inclusive college of its kind, anywhere.

The Queen Mary has an extended historical past of welcoming college students from all over the world and currently more than 4,500 college students are finding out about our international training programs in China. We look forward to welcoming students from HUST College to our campus in London and look forward to seeing students from Queen Mary College travel to Wuhan to participate in scholarly mobility options with HUST in the near future.

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