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Lordstown Motors and Hon Hai Technology Group Announce

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Lordstown Motors Corporation (“Lordstown Motors”) (Nasdaq: RIDE), a supplier of Electric Gentle Responsibility Vehicles focused on the business fleet market, and the world-renowned Hon Hai Expertise Group (“Foxconn”) (TWSE: 2317), as we talk it has reached an agreement to collectively work on Lordstown Motors’ electric automobile applications at Lordstown Motors’ 6.2 million square foot manufacturing and meeting plant.

Past definite customary provisions, the agreement is non-binding and is subject to negotiation and execution of definite agreements.

Events of the same date have led to a subscription agreement, whereby Foxconn will purchase approximately $50 million of general inventory from Lordstown Motors at a price of $6.9883 per share, an adjusted amount exceeding the daily amount. Last 15 buy and sell days from the execution of settlement in precept. Foxconn has agreed to retain these shares for a fixed term.

The agreement between each of the corporations will enable Lordstown Motors to leverage Foxconn’s knowledge and manufacturing experience, as Lordstown Motors pursues the manufacture of electric automobiles at its Ohio facility. The partnership aims to offer both Lordstown Motors and Foxconn with advanced market options in scalable electric automobile manufacturing in North America.

Lordstown Motors and Foxconn will use commercially economical best efforts to barter a fixed settlement, according to which Foxconn will purchase the Lordstown facility, including Lordstown Motors’ hub motor meeting line, battery module and packing line assets, with fixed mental property rights. And separate assets are not included. for $230 million.

Each entity will additionally negotiate a contract manufacturing agreement, which may result in the closure of the capacity purchase, whereby Foxconn will manufacture Lordstown Motors’ Endurance full-size pickup truck at the Lordstown facility. Lordstown Motors will also agree to supply Foxconn with certain rights in relation to future automobile applications.

Simultaneously with the closing under the definitive agreements, Lordstown Motors will issue warrants to Foxconn that may be in force until the third anniversary of the closing of 1.7 million shares of continuous inventory at a value of $10.50 per share.

Events have agreed to explore licensing readiness for additional pickup truck applications.

After closing under definitive agreements, Lordstown Motors will enter into a long-term lease for a portion of the current facility for its Ohio-based employees, and Foxconn will provide the Lordstown operating and manufacturing staff with agreed upon employment.

Younger Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai Expert Group, commented, “Through this partnership, we have high hopes that we will efficiently combine our assets with Lordstown Motors.

To determine our electric automobile manufacturing capacity in North America, As well as achieving the objective of advancing the timeline, it also demonstrates Foxconn’s flexibility in offering design and manufacturing companies to various EV customers.

This mutually supportive relationship is based on Foxconn’s EV enterprise and our transformation technology. I believe that the revolutionary design of the Endurance pickup truck, with its distinctive hub motors, provides an advantageous consumer expertise and has manufacturing capabilities. This is undoubtedly part of our partnership and enterprise model. can flourish under.”

Also, the facility will act as an impetus to market assets that are owned by Foxconn’s partner and buyer, Fisker Inc. will additionally assist.

Daniel Ninivagi, Chief Government Officer, Lordstown Motors Corp., said: “We are excited about the prospect of becoming a member of forces with a world-class good manufacturer such as Foxconn and believe the connection will drive operations, know-how and supply to our firm. The chain delivers benefits and accelerates total-scale automobile manufacturing and improves employment within the Lordstown facility.

The partnership will enable Lordstown Motors to reap the benefits of Foxconn’s deep manufacturing experience and cost-efficient supply chain, While Lordstown Motors will continue to bring endurance to market, create service options for our fleet customers, and design and create revolutionary new automobile fashion.”

In the context of Foxconn’s announcement, as we speak, Lordstown Motors also offered an updated monetary and manufacturing outlook.

About Lordstown Motors Corp

Lordstown Motors is an Ohio-based electric automobile (EV) innovator manufacturing high quality lightweight responsibility business fleet automobiles, with its first automobile launched within the Lordstown, Ohio facility as the Endurance all electric pick-up truck. is going.

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