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Increase investment in earth observation technology

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The government has recently launched the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12MP) and now it is being debated in the Parliament. The initial response to the plan has been praised for aligning it with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while others see its goals and assumptions as unrealistic.

The success of 12MP will largely depend on the dedication of all stakeholders, including companies, neighborhoods and civil society. Many of the failures in earlier plans can be attributed to a lack of expertise and buy-in by the business and neighborhood.

For starters, there needs to be an aggressive communication program to get all stakeholders on board. This should be followed with close monitoring and analysis of the action taken. The suggestions from the Monitoring Train should be used to further enhance the implementation process.

One factor is frequent in all five year plans. They are all about how the country’s goods can be managed effectively to send consistent returns. In this age when sustainable improvement is a specific agenda, net sources, individuals, expertise and built physical infrastructure are some of the key stuff to be managed effectively.

Net goods have emerged as some of the key points in the reform plan. Management of pure commodities like water requires strict monitoring and supervision.

Advances in imaging technology will allow accurate objects to be monitored remotely and at a lower cost. We are talking about using satellite TV for computer technology and deploying AI algorithms to understand them for decision making.

Take for example biodiversity. It is one of our most prized possessions because of its influence on the many sources we rely on. Water is a useful resource without which an economic system and society cannot do.

There is no doubt that as the population grows, increasing social and economic needs will pose a threat to the country’s land and marine biodiversity.

In response to those threats, the federal government created nationwide coverage on the organic range 2016–2025, deepening the nation’s dedication to the SDGs. This is where efficient monitoring is important.

Many corporations provide provider on earth commentary deployment of knowledge for efficient monitoring. The government can partner with any one of these companies and leverage near-daily, high-resolution imagery to make strategic and bold choices toward reaching the goals identified in the nationwide coverage on the organic range, and can take the country towards one. More healthy and extra different ecosystem.

Earth comment technology could help with other SDG agendas, including building good cities, border monitoring and early warning on local weather disasters.

Investing in applied science can pay off as we strive to achieve a greater and more sustainable future for the nation.

Earth Remark Imaging deployment in Malaysia is still at a low level. There have been initiatives on remote sensing in some surveillance initiatives, but most do not currently use photographs. The effectiveness of the latter is questionable.

Now is the time to invest money in infrastructure to help know Prithvi’s commentary. Failing to take action will put many of our net assets at risk, including biodiversity.

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