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Ice Mortgage Technology automates mortgage process

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In this chaotic market at the moment, mortgage companies have to streamline the lending process to allow them to generate more loans. Embodied by ICE Mortgage Expertise provides a truly differentiated digital platform that provides straight-through processing for a complete end-to-end workflow. From decreasing prices to decreasing closing times, this loan origination software program allows lenders to make better enterprise choices.

Abodi offers everything mortgage companies want to collect and close additional debt, grow their enterprise at scale, streamline operations, and live in a fully compliant, multi-tasking location. With progressive and pre-configured task-based workflows, omni-channel expertise allows groups to scale up and operate from bottom to top without having to custom-build environments.

“While embodying takes into account the gold general place of the lending business, leveraging not only the know-how and know-how, but also real-world business experience to supply technology that actually solves issues for lenders.” When we do, we’re quickly developing what a lending platform means,” said Joe Tyrrell, president, ICE Mortgage Expertise. “As we look to reveal additional APIs, parts of the platform will Offering direct access, and creating a set of information and information that lenders can take advantage of, we want to allow for any expertise they envision.”

Embody maximizes the operational efficiencies of its customers by automating the entire enterprise, while also being somewhat compliant with ever-changing regulations. The platform also provides actionable information insights that help lenders benchmark against their peers and make informed choices about the place to focus on to optimize their ROI.

“Embody is the business’s main platform for lenders and buyers, with performance to help each channel used by a system of documents,” said Stephanie Durflinger, vice president of product administration. “As our prospect companies grow and additional channels are added, Embody continues to help them by reducing the complexity, steps, technology, prices or headcount needs.”

Embody delivers a new blend of highly effective automation, ease of use and customisability to help mortgage corporations streamline their operations from end to end and take their enterprise to a later degree without moving away from the platform.

For example, Embody eClose is the business’s transition to paperless closing with an additional eco-friendly curriculum that eliminates the pain and added cost associated with managing multiple distributors.

“We have also built an eVault resolution to supply customers with digital mortgages and secure storage of notes,” Durflinger said. “In addition, Embody offers fully web-based resolution for correspondent buyers that allows them to digitize historically analog processes inside the secondary market and purchase loans with very little work.”

By leveraging information and automation, Embody helps customers reduce prices, increase revenue and deliver a superior buyer experience. By automating time-consuming duties, handbooked in advance, customers can increase efficiency at each level within the mortgage lifecycle.

ICE Mortgage expertise combines Embodied’s core automation with SimplyFile’s e-collaboration and e-recording capabilities, as well as U.S. access to MERS. With a nationwide digital registry accounting for practically 90% of the mortgage market. Allows automation of the Abbody Handbook, time-consuming duties to expedite the mortgage process and to meet borrower’s demands for speed and comfort, ultimately serving to enhance borrower expertise.

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