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Biddeford technology company among 2 in state receive

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BIDDEFORD – Modern Maine corporations in Biddeford and Wiscasset engaged in developing clear vitality technology, all through a joint initiative of the Maine Clear Vitality Innovation Problem, Maine Know-How Institute (MTI) and Governors Vitality Workplace $250,000 has been awarded. , keeping in mind a press launch.

Introduced on Earth Day 2021 by Governor Janet Mills, the Maine Clear Vitality Innovation Problem was created to assist companies working to cut carbon emissions, improve renewable vitality, and develop Maine’s Clear Vitality financial system. It was created to assist corporations with business or applied science. Governor Mills has set a goal of doubling Maine’s apparent vitality jobs to 30,000 by 2030.

Two companies to receive the award are Bidford’s FarmHand Automation, which is developing technology to aid carbon-free farming, and Peregrine Turbine of Applied Sciences of Viscaset, which is advancing renewable energy storage technology.

“Modern companies during Maine are the main reason for the transition to a clear vitality,” Governor Mills said. “Farmhand Automation and Peregrine Turbine exemplify the ingenuity Maine must diversify our financial system, create well-paying green-collar jobs, and fight local climate change. I see them as the benefits of our apparent vitality innovation problem. and I thank them for their contribution to our state.

“MTI helps Maine’s environment and clear vitality sector, as well as efforts to diversify it,” said Brian Whitney, president of MTI. “This innovation problem was a lively opportunity for MTI to set out promising and revolutionary applied science to help tackle local weather and the state’s clear vitality goals. And, it is a model that we can build on in our state. May continue to imitate to help catalyze other sectors.”

FarmHand Automation, based in Bidford, is developing low-cost electric farming robots to help local farmers in Maine and across the country transition to a carbon-free future.

Its power technology is aimed at improved soil biodiversity and production production, along with automated crop administration for healthy soil and carbon-harvesting farming. Their autonomous platform can be specifically designed to assist the scale operations of rural native farms to handle the increasing food security pressures resulting from local climate change.

Peregrine Turbine Applied Sciences, based in Wisset, is developing successful turbine engine technology to retail renewable energy from photovoltaics and wind and make it obtainable as energy sources in the evening or at any time of day.

Paired with Thermal Vitality Storage developed in Australia, these engines are an additional eco-friendly and eco-friendly storage answer compared to lithium-ion batteries. The company announced in July that it plans to business pilot its technology in a photo voltaic discipline in Pittsfield in 2022.

The Maine Clear Vitality Innovation Problem is part of the Mills Administration’s actions to encourage and assist innovation in Maine, startups and entrepreneurs who are actually the state’s 10-year financial reform technology, according to the findings of the Governor’s Financial Restoration Committee. Helped by, and Maine’s four-year local weather plan, Maine Received Not Wet.

In analysis and growth, funding to Maine, a key driver of financial progress, ranks among the lowest in the country. Maine also has the lowest apparent vitality jobs per capita in New England, after Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island, where the apparent vitality jobs are the highest per capita in the country.

Confronted with the innovation problem, the Mills administration is increasing the package to grow the state’s clear vitality economy by using federal funds under the Maine Jobs and Restoration Plan to help the governor’s 30,000 apparent vitality jobs by 2030 target.

The problem is this year’s second joint effort on clear vitality innovation with MTI and Mill Administration. Earlier this year, they partnered with vitality and environmental financial development nonprofit E2Tech to urgently direct Maine Clear Vitality start-ups to enter CleanTech Open, a prestigious nationwide accelerator program.

The innovation problem could be the second such business endeavor recently launched by MTI. In 2019, a profitable pilot program focused on the One merchandise business invested $1.5 million to advance two pure resource-based applied sciences in Maine.

The objectives of Clear Vitality Innovation were sought by MTI from 14 May to 18 June. Respondents to the problem projected their proposed venture and how it was projected to present information to explain the problem’s suggestions, history and inspection document, market valuation. and business viability, offer worth, venture duration and timeline, and financial impact.

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