Salman Khan was Nearly Killed: Lawrence Bishnoi?

According to media news, an attempt was made to kill  Salman Khan in a shocking revelation. The investigation into the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala continues.

A sharpshooter came within inches of killing Salman Khan outside his home, but the actor was reportedly saved by a whisker.

Lawrence Bishnoi, A mastermind of the Moose Wala murder case, sent a sharpshooter with a small-bore weapon concealed in a modified hockey casing to Kill our Salman Khan.

Lawrence Bishnoi, Planted a sharpshooter allegedly outside the actor's home to assassinate him, but the sharpshooter backed out at the last minute.

Lawrence Bishnoi's gang planned to kill Salman Khan when he goes for Cycling as that time he does not have many Guards and he is in open.

The sharpshooters were about to take action, but an escort of Mumbai Police intervened and prevented the actor from leaving his house that morning and prevented the attack.

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