Potatoes Benefits for skin and Beauty: Follow

Potatoes are Rich in Vitamin C, Potatoes helps to reduce Dark Circle.

Potatoes have Lighting Properties, peel and Cut slice of potatoes and wrap them in Cotten Cloth and put the on your eyes.

Cure acne and pimples

Potatoes are rich in catecholase which helps in curing acne. mix 1/2 spoon of potatoes Juice, 1/4 tomato juice with 1/2 spoon of honey together and apply it on face.

Remove dead skin Cells

Potatoes are good in Exfoliators which helps in removing Dead Skin cells from your Skin upper Layer also Deep Cleanese it.

Potatoes' Cooling properties are Very HelpFul in SunBurn by Imeditaly Cooling down the skin. Apply Slices or Mash of potatoes on your Sun Burn Skin area. 

Helpful in Sunburn

Potatoes dry skin

Potatoe is a Natural source of hyaluronic acid which is an excellent agent to replenish skin moisture and hydrate your skin

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