Jurassic World Dominion is the Worst Movie? why

Domestic box office results  are currently unknown, but it is likely to be the top film at the American box office this weekend. However, its lackluster reviews are not.

The final movie of “Jurassic Park” films is receiving negative reviews from moviegoers, on Rotten tomatoes From 175 reviews total a 36% rating on review.

Jurassic World Dominion VFX are Top notch, but Story and Plot is not good, too many LoopHole and Fast pace action story.

Dominion is hoping to tap into the original Movie Sense with its stunning visual effects, but some story flaws and underdeveloped characters prevent it from achieving.

In whole movie there is too much of Chris pratt, it felt like this movie is about chris pratt.

In movie there are many new Scary Dinosours, but only they Let you watch movie, actors and plot is not much.

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