How to Increase Sex Timing: Here's Tips

Stay Active

The best Excerice to Improve Sex Life is cardiovascular exercise,daily Thirty minutes is Enough.

Fruits and Nuts

For better Sex performance, Eat Figs, dates, apricot and banana Daily. These Nuts have good Quality Omega3

Reduce Stress

Stress is Bad For Overall Health, Stress can Decrease Your Sex Performance, so eliminate your Stress by doing Different Activities.

To last longer In bed, Try the start-stop technique, Stop Sex Activity whenever you are about Discharge, and calm your heartbeat. this way slowly You will be good on Bed

Start stop Technique

To have Natural sex power and Stamina, Ashwagandha is Great remedy, it helps to have High sperm count and Good timing, take 1 spoon daily with Luke warm Milk.

Ashwagandha powder for Sex

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