Thor to Batman Hollywood Stars who are Fan of Shah Rukh Khan

Robert Pattinson is A Hollywood star (Twilight/Batman), Robert revealed that he is fan of SRK and His Movie "Dilwale Dulhaniya"

Tom Hiddleston known As Loki, Told Press that he is a Fan of SRK and Has watched many of SRK Filmes.

Chris Hemsworth Known for his Role as THOR, in his Movie Shooting, he Became a Fan of SRK and Liked his Dialogue so he Kept using "Bade Bade Desho me Choti Choti Bate Hoti Rhti hai"

Chris Hemsworth

Huge Jackman also Knows for His Wolverine Role, Jackman Was Asked that who can replace his role in Future he told "Maybe Shahrukh khan" can.

Huge Jackman

Benedict Cumberbatch Told in the press that Shah Rukh Khan is Great, Benedict voted for "Best Choices" For marvel Cinematic.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Holland is famous for his Spiderman Role, During an Interview, Tom Stated that Shahrukh khan is cool, when tom was introduced to the Bollywood Star's on-screen Superheros.

Tom Holland

Ryan Reynolds is a Hollywood Star known for his acting As Deadpool. In his movies he Added Shah Rukh Khan Movies Soundtrack and Told he likes Shah Rukh khan Acting very much.

Ryan Reynolds

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